KupsOne Paintings

Morning Routine

Mix Technic - 140cm x 97cm

Pattern KupsSkull

Acrylic - 108cm x 87cm


Acrylic - 140cm x 97cm


Oil - 180cm x 140cm


Mix Technic - 193cm x 130cm

Mad Dog

Acrylic - 127cm x 102cm


Acrylic - 97cm x 147cm

Girl Girl Girl

Spray can - 97cm x 147cm


Oil - 97cm x 147cm


Mix Technic - 60cm x 60cm


Mix Technic - 147cm x 97cm

Kups Skull

Serie 20cm x 20cm

KupsOne Walls

Winter Flower - Caen
Deep in my town - Caen
War Kid - Caen
Fuck News - Caen
Gangrene - Noumea
Gangrene - Noumea

KupsOne Biography

KupsOne was born in 1979 in Caen, France. Early on in his life he became interested in arts and started graffiti and street art at the age of 13. Quickly he began painting on the metallic curtains that closes the shop fronts at night in the city center. He then started presenting street art workshops to local underpriviledged young people. He spent his first pay checks on buying brushes, spray paint cans, paints, etc. KupsOne draws inspiration from his numerous travels around the world. His work has been displayed not only in French streets but also abroad (Bali, Tokyo, Melbourne, Auckland, Nouméa, Helsinki…). Throughout those experiences, his impacting and contemporary style emerged from his work. Without forgetting his street artistic background, KupsOne has asserted himself as a free-spirited artist who thrives to paint what he lives and feels around him.

KupsOne #NFT

Creator of Kups Skull digital artwork.
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